Grandmothers who enjoy sex

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She dresses well and does her best to hide her typical grandmother arms and womanly stomach.She has a great personality and people enjoy her company.When she heard me she straightened up and I could see that she was dressed in a nice white blouse and had floral print nylon panties on."Oh, hi, John," she said not at all embarrassed for being in her underwear."You're a lucky woman, Sarah," Cathy said to my grandmother, "your date is quite a handsome gentleman." I blushed and my grandmother beamed. 'Grandma' makes me seem so old, and if you call me by name, I'd enjoy this date much more." She winked when she said date and I found it very arousing.She took my hand and held it as we walked to the car. We reached the car and I walked her to the passenger side.I changed into some nice casual clothes, the ones I would rather be wearing to a nightclub, a tight shirt and pants.I went out to meet her in the living room and walked past her room.

I had a great view of her ass and could make out a faint shadow of her crack. "Maybe you could reach that box for me instead of just standing there," she said.I had only been in town a three weeks, and it was yet another Friday night that I had nothing to do.When I walked in the apartment after work, I was greeted by my grandmother in her panties bending over in the hall closet.After graduating from college recently, I moved to a new city to get a job.My grandmother lived in a small apartment in the city and she let me stay there while I saved money for my own place.

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I had a great view of her ample cleavage and her silky bra. Not wanting to lose my focus, she put her hand in mine and held it on her lap.