Gerard butler and emmy rossum dating

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Gerard butler and emmy rossum dating

In fact, I was wondering if I would cry during the movie and of coarse I did.

Phantom of the Opera's's loveliness is still so luminous and the movie just fills your senses.

People have been saying he's to good looking, well that's certainly not his fault! All in all a great night at the movies-I am giving this a 9 and I think if I had to say why it's not a perfect 10, it's just that this story was meant to, first be, a theatrical production, and as good as the movie was, and as many tears as I cried, it did not haunt me in the same way as the stage show.I don't think there was a sound in the theater during the whole movie.The film's look-among the most riveting I've ever seen-colorful, rich and oozing vibrancy, the look and feel are just magnificent.Gerard and his leading lady smiled broadly as they splashed around in the surf.And Morgan was clearly having the time of her life, as she looked to be laughing while waist-deep in the water.

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