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Then, a series of events, chance encounters, or bouts of nostalgia suddenly threw them back into each other's lives. Maybe you've been dreaming about your high school or college crush, daydreaming and wondering the question "what if?" Does the idea of friends reunited dating really seem so farfetched?If a relationship with an old friend is in the future, will it happen without a little push? Maybe this infatuation or interest has gone on for several years, even a decade or more. While of course you certainly don't want to be labeled a stalker, there really isn't anything wrong with looking up old friends.Once you've made contact, however, you can get a better feel about just how welcome your reintroduction into his or her life might be.This has nothing really to do with the original, but reflects the fact that Friends Reunited was often as much about dating and rekindling old flames as it was about anything else.Friends Reunited Dating has recognised this fact and set up what we think is really quite a nice new dating service.Friends reunited became the place to get back in touch with your old school colleagues or college buddies.At its peak there were over 15 million members of Friends Reunited and ITV bought the company in 2005 for £175 million. Four years later they sold the company on for only a little over 25 million and by this point the service was in fast decline as more snazzy competitors gulped up its market share; not least amongst them the social networking giant Facebook.

A basic search offered a good number of singles in our locale, many of whom had uploaded photos and made an effort to complete their profile.Where do you begin looking for old friends and acquaintances?You’ve probably heard of Friends Reunited, a website which aimed to put old friends back in touch with each other.Friends Reunited was established in the year 2000, right at the heart of the bubble and quickly became wildly popular as the very first well used social media website.The service tapped into a nostalgic longing in its customers for lost friends and especially lost loves.

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Maybe the girl who dated your best friend always had a special place in your heart, and you silently loved her from a distance. In the movies, reunions often bring love that lasts happily ever after. Have you run into that old friend and felt something brewing between the two of you underneath the surface?

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