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It's live Hip Hop like you've never heard it before. In the same short few weeks that Team GB bought glory to the capital, the trio lay the foundations for , and enlists UK microphone controller Dynamite MC to give us a melodic rendition with a few well worded images from memory lane.

You'll find two mixes of the track onboard this 7", each carrying nuff weight to drop heavy inna dance. , not only lacing the proceedings with his super charged sonic array of beatscapes, but also featuring Bristol's finest Rider Shafique and the dynamic Dedw8 duo of Dee Green and Bewbonik, aka Baileys Brown, and Blanka outta the Split Prophets crew. Throughout the project he explores themes of spiritualism, existentialism, and his reflection on life, death, pain and joy.

Rolling with a fresh amount of 808 drum rolls and next level energy, this is most certainly a very special release not to be missed.

Delivering that unmistakeable flow and character, bombin' the set with finesse on every level. All other tracks are classic heatrocks from the music gods. Taking you on a journey through the mind of Jugz and the music that moulded him.

Ribbed cuff and hem with twin needle stiching detail. In response to this, south London rapper Big Toast has teamed up with beat making duo Ill Move Sporadic to produce a misanthropic musical manifesto in album form entitled - the ninth release from London based label Starch Records.

Combining crunching, atmospheric, sample-based backdrops, Ill Move Sporadic have upped their game a good few notches since their last release , which took the scene (and BBC 6 Lauren Laverne) by storm last year.

Big Toast doesn't hold back commenting on modern life as he sees it.

Subjects vary from the gentrification of London to his passionate hate of the Tories.

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A cracking set of tracks with Shafique's is not a superficial experience but one which pulls the listener deeper into C. Each track has a part of his mind and soul that touches the listener introspectively.

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