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Doesnt deserve dating

As editor Hilary Kramer reported, options traders anticipate strongly bullish news.

By logical deduction, it was only until fairly recently that the company entered a legitimate growth phase. China’s English-language Global Times also uses these same, old statistics. Furthermore, if you look at established blue-chip names, they’re more likely to win than they are to lose. On any given day, shares will trader higher than the previous session 49% of the time.

So I’m very confused about Momo’s sub growth figures.

According to, Momo had 84.2 million subs in the final quarter of 2013.

I don’t have time to change any of this, even though I spend most of my leisure time staring at a screen. Guys, you do not “deserve” a woman, let alone a hot woman. Sadly, studies show some guys really are “forever alone,” because a relatively small number of guys are monopolizing the women in a given area. The manager at work is texting four women at once, while you barely get anything, and if you do, it is just “as a friend.” And, a handful of local guys are likely getting most of the Tinder matches, as this analysis shows. It’s just a lot of guys aren’t willing to put in the effort to change.

The problem is that in the United States, we have been told that just by “being ourselves” we deserve every possible good thing. It may involve working out more (since muscularity is a strong indicator of getting dates, relationships, and sex). There are many books and websites (including this one) that can help.

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