Dirk nowitzki dating black girl

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She was the one who tried to initiate the romantic relationship, and when she had finally gained his trust, she had someone videotape the couple -- she and her trophy -- in his kitchen.

Nowitzki says that the worst of it is that the whole world can now pry, uninvited, into his personal life.

Nowitzki says he is furious, and feels "somehow helpless, as well." The NBA Stage Two years ago Dirk Nowitzki, 31, became the first European to win the NBA's Most Valuable Player award.Last season, he earned more than million (€13 million) playing for the Dallas Mavericks.Throughout his career, he has earned an estimated €100 million (0 million), both as a player and from advertisements.Nowitzki, the master of silence, now believes that it's better to talk. And as if it could make things more bearable, he forces himself to smile, and says: "Well, at least I'm not the first to fall for this sort of thing." To understand this story, it is necessary to look at the stage on which Nowitzki has performed for the past 11 years -- the stage of the NBA, the world's most glamorous professional sports league.It is important to understand the role that Nowitzki, the boy from Würzburg, plays in this enterprise, which earns annual revenues of .5 billion (€2.5 billion).

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