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The seeds are powdered either by roasting them first in a dry skillet or without roasting them. They sit on the shelves too long and lose all its freshness.

However this initial funky pungent smell mellows and almost disappears, replaced by a smooth pleasant flavor when it is added to hot oil or ghee.

I usually get Hing from India, in the hard resin form as you see above, as it retains the aroma longer than ground powder, and use a mortar and a pestle to grind it as I need it.

In Indian grocery stores, the hing is usually found in powdered form.

These are pungent, tiny seeds grayish in color and often mistaken to be the “Bishop’s Weed”.

Ajwain has very strong flavors and the smell and the taste bears close similarity to Thyme.

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The best way go about it, is to grind the seeds when you use them or store them in an airtight container only for a few days.

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