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If we don't do what we have to do to keep our glass full, we'll need to take it from someone else—which leaves them half full.Fill your own glass so you can feel whole and complete in your relationships.This comes back to down to self awareness, and it's hard work.Acknowledging your flaws isn't fun, but if you don't, you'll continue seeing them in everyone around you. Next time you see something negative in someone else, ask yourself if it's true for you.Show them you understand where they're coming from, and they'll be willing to see your side.

If you comment on something they did, you'll probably get yelled at. Some people just like to fight—maybe to channel negativity they're carrying around about the world or themselves.

It's tempting to doubt people—to assume your boyfriend meant to hurt you by not inviting you out with his friends, or your friend meant to make you feel inadequate by flaunting her money.

People who care about you want you to feel happy, even if sometimes they get too wrapped up in their own problems to show it well.

When I apply these ideas, I feel confident, strong, compassionate, and peaceful in my interactions. Everyone has personal needs, whether it's going to the gym after work or taking some alone time on Saturday morning.

If someone asks you to do something and your instinct is to honor you own need, do that.

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“Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. I'd like to think what redeems me from all these mistakes is that I've also been honest. When you've had a bad day, the people around you seem difficult.

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