Dating with muhammad Single teen sex chats

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Dating with muhammad

God does not live in a book, He lives in the hearts of those who truly love and worship Him.

They have been using the name "God" in place of "Allah" in many translations of the Qur'an.Especially if he was getting his information straight from "God Himself"?Muhammad had obviously heard some Bible stories, but he seems to have got them confused and mixed up when it came out in his prophetic utterances.Remember, since Muhammad already proclaimed the Jewish Torah/Christian Old Testament (Taurat) as correct in Qur'an /47 and then the following gross errors that differ with the Torah are inexcusable.These errors their selves scream out the Qur'an itself is entirely false.

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The Blunders and Contradictions in the Quran reveal it for the lie it is.

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