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Dating sites for serious relations

In the cases of the people that I have known who started off casually and ended up in relationships, they wanted to be sure and they felt that the only way they could be was if they had total freedom and choice when they were deciding on who they wanted to be with.

The woman was seeing another man as well at that time, but that guy couldn’t handle the idea of her being casually in a relationship with him so he broke it off.

In fact, one couple comes to mind that had similar stats as you described, though they did not live far apart – probably only a 10 mile drive from one another.

They were honest with each other about where their heads were and what they were looking for.

Do you want to date casually during the time that he’s dating casually or did you say that to establish a fair playing field without intending to act on it?

I would say get clear on those questions before making a decision.

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I told him fine but I didn’t want to be casual forever and that I hadn’t been dating but will start if we’re not serious.

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