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When we like someone, we want to know their story from front to back, every scar, every triumph, every tragedy. If he looks away when you tell him your stories or seems uninterested, like he’s waiting for you to finish, it’s a bad sign. He’ll ask questions and remember the things you’ve told him.

If he’s seriously interested in you, he’ll be interested in a possible future with you, so naturally, he’ll want to know all about you. If he cancels your plans a lot, it shows that he isn’t concerned with your feelings and he isn’t worried about messing things up and losing you.

Usually, you’ll feel it in your gut but you’ll avoid facing it. he stays in touch and sends you sweet texts every day … These things mean he’s into you, but they don’t necessarily mean he sees a long-term future with you.

When you’re hopeful about things it’s just easier to make excuses for his behavior and focus on any shred of evidence that he likes you enough to take it to the next level. The only way you can tell if he’s serious or not is to be objective when it comes to your love life.

This means not getting overly invested in a guy before he’s totally invested in you.A guy who’s serious about you isn’t going to cancel on you when something “better” comes up, and even if he’s busy with work he’ll be sure to make time for you, or at the very least let you know he’s thinking about you.If he has to cancel on you for some reason, he’ll feel really bad about it, apologize, and try to reschedule right away.Maybe he gives you just enough hope to hang onto—he likes you somewhat after all, enough to spend time with you.But he doesn’t like you enough to lock you down and make it official.

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