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Dating no charge

With a master’s degree in social work from New York University and five years of experience in individual psychotherapy treating patients with depression and anxiety, Golden saw an opportunity to take on a more light-hearted trade.

“All those skills transferred over to this work I’m doing now,” she said.

Here’s what you want your profile to say: I have a good life, I have a family, I have friends.

I am joyful and positive — and in addition to all this good stuff I’m looking for someone to share this with.

I say that in the voice of the client and in a way that reflects their hobbies and interests.

Market Watch: How do you go about making the profile?

Market Watch spoke with Golden about what she’s learned about finding love in the process: Market Watch: Which apps do you use? I have one client I put on Bumble and that’s plenty, because they get so many dates and it’s so time consuming.

There are other people who aren’t going to have as easy of a time — one app isn’t sufficient.

If someone is older and divorced, I might put them on one matching app and a ‘swipey’ app [a location-based app like Tinder] and if that doesn’t work then I’ll add something like Coffee Meets Bagel.

If a girl is in her late 30s, no kids and highly educated I will put her on The League.

If I have someone in the suburbs who is older and Jewish, JDate is great for them.

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If they are Jewish and in their mid-30s, JSwipe will be good.

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