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King Philip-the-Second wanted to establish a strategic foothold here, to prevent other countries from encroaching on Spanish land.

And he wanted to deter attacks on his Spanish treasure fleets.

The children who stepped ashore probably had their own grandchildren by the time Jamestown was founded.

Narrator: It’s a story that has taken archaeologists, marine scientists and historians several centuries to uncover This stuff has not seen the light of day for 250 to 275 years.

[lightning strike, rain pouring down] It’s a massive storm.

No matter how hard they try to claw their way out they kept on being pushed back. Michael Francis, Historian They’re marching through—in some cases up to their waist, in some cases, higher, up to their chest through flooded swampland.

[music change] It had started as a dream to settle a new territory more than 4000 miles across the ocean…a venture that first began in this modern-day seaport town of Avilés (ah-vee-LACE), in northern Spain.He convinced the King that such a venture could greatly add to Spain’s coffers.[Gregorian chanting/singing] But there was another reason the King wanted to start settling this new territory…and it went back more than half a century- to Columbus’ first voyage.450 years ago, Avilés was an important maritime center.[wave crashes] Hundreds of young men grew up learning how to navigate along these shores.

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