Dating in armenian culture

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You don’t need to be very concerned about that as Armenians are friendly towards the tourists and even if you accidentally break some traditional rules they will kindly correct you and show the Armenian version of tackling the situation.

However, to help you avoid awkward situations we offer some common Armenian traditions and customs you’ll need to know during your trip to Armenia.

Edit: I think most have realized that my wording is a little off.

What I mean is, why is it more 'socially acceptable' to 'hate' them, rather than it being 'okay' to do's not okay to hate any race in a blanket way, but are you asking why people do it?

Many tourists after their visit remain impressed by this sincere attentiveness of the locals.

For example, it won’t be surprising at all, if complete strangers invite you to their apartment for treating delicious Armenian dishes or volunteer to show you the city and the sights.

there's a strong desire by these organizations, schools, etc.

to hold onto every bit of our culture which they (rightly) feel has been threatened in the past - but they take it to an extreme that isn't considerate of others' potentially differing viewpoints (not to mention certain practices that are just plain archaic)might just be my personal experience, but i went to armenian school for 8 years and towards the end, started dressing differently, listening to different music, picking up different interests than the crowd and i was stigmatized for it - eventually leading to my expulsion (that's not to say i'm completely a victim here, my reaction to them wasn't all that pretty and i definitely rebelled).

Armenian Customs: The culture of communication In communication, Armenians are simple and open-hearted, and sometimes it may even seem that there is no any personal space in Armenia: people here like to speak face to face looking straight in one’s eyes without losing contact and space between them.

i'm armenian & even i have a very strong disdain towards certain parts of the community.

in my upbringing, i was part of institutions that were extremely insular and while not necessarily condoning prejudice, they certainly facilitated an environment in which it flourished.

Come to Armenia and you will be able to learn about these and many others interesting and unique traditions of the locals!

And with our Cultural, Christian, and Wine Tours it will become much easier: you will experience the authentic way of life of the local population, get acquainted with hospitable locals and learn a lot from our professional guides.

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Although, in spite of this, visitors often leave some more tips in case they are very satisfied with the service.

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