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Dating game questions for teenagers

Make sure you return it in the same or better condition 3.

Never go looking through another person's private possessions without their permission, that is extremely bad mannered 4.

Leave the bathroom, toilet, kitchen and TV room clean and tidy, don't leave your dirty dishes around the house.

Your wet towels or dirty dishes are your responsibility.

Parents, teenagers and even the little ones - all deserve a degree of privacy. Most of these 'good manners and etiquette for children' pointers below apply to both parents and children - remember you have to 'practice what you preach'. If the door is closed, it is respectful and good manners to knock and wait for permission to enter 2.

If you want to borrow something, don't just help yourself, always ask permission and make sure you return whatever it is you borrow.

If you are sending flowers in the event of a death in the family, it is a good time to explain Funeral Etiquette to the children.

These 'silent' lessons in manners and etiquette for children have more of a lasting impact when they are seen and experienced.

We'll repeat, practicing the art of good manners and etiquette starts in the home, let your parental guidance follow through to school and the sports field.Depending on the age and sex of the child the following rules of manners and etiquette for children may be observed: 1.Open the door and invite the guests in, smile and be welcoming 2.For example, if the children are playing a board game at home, the loser needs to learn to accept that in good grace.If on a sports field, they need to know it is good etiquette to thank the opposing team, shake hands and say, "Well done! Kids Telephone Etiquette - do NOT underestimate what a strong favorable impression your kid's good telephone manners can have on people phoning your home 9.

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