Dating first year medical resident

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A teaching facility is traditionally a hospital that offers training to doctors after they complete medical school. Individuals who are in medical school are referred to as medical students.

University based hospitals are typically teaching facilities, but smaller hospitals and hospitals not affiliated with a school may also be teaching facilities. They are not referred to as a doctor or physician until they graduate from medical school.

A surgical attending, for example, performs surgery as part of their job.

If, on the other hand, your resident doesn't want to talk about Patient Smith, or Patient Anyone, don't push. Non-medical things are interesting to residents, especially after a 27 hour shift talking only about medicine. Also understand if the last thing your resident wants to watch on a day off are shows about medicine.

But if your resident wants to talk about Patient Smith, and wants reassurance that he or she didn't accidentally kill Patient Smith, try and listen. People in law or finance or medicine or anything technical. If you are dating a resident, try and read some stuff about residency. Understand the frustration, and let your resident vent for fifteen seconds before continuing the show.

These physicians are typically working at a facility that provides education to physicians and may play an active role in that education.

An attending typically has their own practice in their specialty that may include teaching residents and fellows.

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Infinite points if you recognize that even though they tell you they can come down to meet you and grab the food at a certain time, something might come up, and they might be delayed.

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