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For example, there had been considerable doubt from some historians during the 19th century about the existence of a people called the Hittites simply because they had no evidence about them.

This concern with objectivity leads historians to focus on data that can be verified, and not simply to assume that whatever is said in ancient texts, including Scripture, is exactly what happened from some supposed objective point of view.

It is this approach in dealing with ancient texts as only possible sources of historical information awaiting verification from other sources that has led to some of the conflict over historical questions in Scriptures.

Certain perspectives on the nature of Scripture contend that the Bible is simply an exact unbiased account of what happened, the essence of historical reporting, and is to be believed as totally accurate in all historical details simply because it is Scripture.

Currently, debate has centered on two dates: an early date of 1446 B. Their rule may have been somewhat harsh, as they may have been hated by the Egyptian population as a whole.

The Egyptian revolt began under Khamose, and Avaris fell under Ahmose about 1550 B. He was the son of the empire builder and conqueror Thutmose III, and Amenhotep lived off his father's largesse. C., corresponding to the entry of Joshua according to the Biblical timeframe.

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With the new spirit of critical investigation came an emphasis on analyzing the documents themselves as resources for historical data.

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