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Even that result will be a retrospective one, however, because the “world” has not clue as to the prophesied outcome of this conflict, even though it has been on nearly every bookshelf of every household of most of the world for hundreds of years, but has not been consulted by them, not investigated … As such, these recent rapid moves forward in the world’s aggression of Israel, heightens our hope that the faithful are nearing the final days of their probation …indeed, that a new Leader may appear on the scene in the Middle East.We see these new weapons as a blessing from our LORD as he continually reassures Israel and its people (perhaps in a subliminal way) of His protection (whether It has been reported that President Trump is preparing to sign an Executive Order directing an austere reduction of potential US funds distribution in several areas of interest; these include a directive that the US Treasury Closely allied to this new level of cooperation with Israel, several Israeli lawmakers as well as the prime minister himself, are planning trips to Washington in the near term to meet with their counterparts in the new Administration.We see this newly increased level of US friendship and cooperation with Israel as inflammatory to every one of the vile enemies of Israel, and a possible trigger for increased resistance on both the military and political fronts in both countries., a condemnatory motion toward Israel was tabled in the Security Council of the UNO in New York.Contrary to its usual practice, the United States abstained from voting on this resolution, causing it to pass by a vote of 14 (14 in favor, to one abstention – that of the USA).When Prime Minister Netanyahu meets with President Trump next week, almost any outcome of their meeting will be at hazard for disagreement and a dim view by the “Palestinians” and their numerous friends around the world – and might trigger any of a great many reactions from them beyond just words …additional encroachments upon the Jewish State from any quarter …

that is to say that the informed follower of our LORD must quietly observe and fervently hope for the outcome that we know is certain to come – that is, be patient ... It is as if He is willing and determined to allow the intentions of the worldly adversaries of Israel to make their case so clearly evident that even the most disinterested and least-studious observer will be able to see the distinct direction of all these insults, and their ultimate affront to YHVH’s prophesied destiny for His newly-regathering People, Israel, in their future Promised Land.

With the Pope’s receiving Mahmoud Abbas today at the Vatican and opening the “embassy of Palestine,” the French convening their peace conference tomorrow, and UN Security Council meeting again on Tuesday, there is much talk of peace and security as it relates to the peoples in the holy land. Operational since last October, the embassy was officially announced on Saturday at the meeting.

It brings into effect the full-bl0wn treaty between the Vatican and “Palestine” which was signed in June, 2016, when it demanded moves to end the Israel-Palestinian conflict, and backed a two-state solution.

These moves place the pope on precisely the wrong side of this entire discussion – dividing God’s land.

Of all people on earth, one should think that the pope, as “supreme leader” of the world’s “Christians,” would be aware of God’s prohibition of anyone dividing His Land: Joel 3:2.

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or renewed knife attacks upon its civilians.brings its resultant explosion in almost instantly.

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