Dating attitude

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A man in his twenties is usually concentrating on completing college, getting started in his career and enjoying himself.A woman might feel the same, but many women often feel the need to find a partner, get married and begin having a family.

Generally, when people talk to me about a Christian attitude towards relationships, I think I need to be this bottomless well of meek forgiveness.Women are more emotionally charged on a first date, and begin looking for attachment.This is according to author and dating coach Myreah Moore.Jesus, on the other hand, says, “No worries, there’s plenty to go around.” False prophets of the dating world try to tell us that there is only “one”. The only one who can “be the one” is Jesus Christ and last I checked there hasn’t been a second coming nor has He been dating. Jesus is all about showing who he is, but he also knows how to say, “No sign will be given” (Mk ).So if you’re dating someone, stop thinking they are “the one”. No matter how compatible you are with someone, that person is not “the one”. If they become the one it’s because the two of you decide that. This does not mean we can engage in the attitude of waste throwing away opportunities because “We are scared,” “We don’t feel ready,” or “Aren’t in that place yet.” God is clear that wasting opportunities is unforgivable (Parable of the Talents Mt. If you did your best, however, and it slips through your hands, take the attitude of abundance. I’m not going to try and prove anything to you right now.

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But that comes later on when we are really sure of what other people need and they’re committed to us. ” While it might seem like you have plenty of time during the middle of a lazy Saturday afternoon, the reality is you have a lot to do.

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