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Sexual bullying and harassment are part of daily life for many girls.

Young people are speaking out more and more about how these practices have links with pornography - and so they should, because they have most to lose.

With offenders not able to differentiate between fantasy and reality, believing women are 'up for it' 24/7, ascribing to the myth that 'no means yes and yes means anal', oblivious to injuries caused and never ever considering consent.

We have seen a huge increase in deprivation of liberty, physical injuries, torture, drugging, filming and sharing footage without consent." The Australian Psychological Society estimates that adolescent boys are responsible for around 20% of rapes of adult women and between 30% and 50% of all reported sexual assaults of children.

They know they can't compete, but that doesn't stop them thinking they have to.

Requests for labiaplasty have tripled in a little over a decade among young women aged 15-24.

They tell me boys act like they are entitled to girls' bodies.

The director of a domestic violence centre on the Gold Coast wrote to me a couple of years ago about the increase in porn-related injuries to girls aged 14 and up, from acts including torture: "In the past few years we have had a huge increase in intimate partner rape of women from 14 to 80 .

The biggest common denominator is consumption of porn by the offender.

"[I want] better education regarding sex for both boys and girls [and] information about pornography, and the way it influences harmful sexual practices." These are the words of Lucy, aged 15, one of 600 young Australian women and girls who took part in a just-released survey commissioned by Plan Australia and Our Watch.

The survey, conducted by Ipsos, gathered responses from the girls and young women aged 15-19 in all states and territories.

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Girls tell of being expected to put up with things they don't enjoy.

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