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I don't know if there is incense in this fragrance or it's synthetic cedar (Iso E Super) note that creates this bitter woody and kind of smoky vibe but it's there and I can feel it. Projection is above average and good and longevity is around 4-6 hours depends on your skin and the season that you're wearing it.این عطر یه کار خوشبو و عامه پسند هست که تقریبا میشه اونو همیشه و در تمام فصول و در تمام مناسبتها استفاده کرد اما به نظرم بیشتر بدرد استفاده دم دستی و کژوال تو بهار و تابستون میخوره رایحه ابتدایی این عطر با یه بوی خنک و شاداب با حس سبز شروع میشه که رایحه مشخصی از گلها هم اونو همراهی میکنه.

As time passes by, I'm getting pretty the same smell but now less fresh and green and a little more bitter with kind of mellow smoky aura.It’s undertones leave a nice spicy vibe that are inviting towards all.The sillage and longevity on Hugo is decent and this one definitely gets compliments, I remember the lady at the fragrance store advised this one to me!Hugo by Hugo Boss is a Aromatic Green fragrance for men. Autumn and winter might yield differently One of my first fragrances I purchased. Top notes are lavender, green apple, mint, grapefruit and basil; middle notes are carnation, sage, geranium and jasmine; base notes are patchouli, fir and cedar. Not bad by any means, you can do a lot worse for the price as this one is pretty safe and unoffensive. The accords are right, this feels big though, it’s got oomph. Good, solid fragrance, it’s a bit humid summer hear which might be why I felt it was a bit much for right now.

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That core is made up of basil, cedar, fir, and patchouli, and the fruitier notes just sort of dance around the edges of this spicy heart.