Dating advice for divorced parents

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Dating advice for divorced parents

She came home for the Easter break and they have spent 85% of their time in her bedroom, only coming out to eat.

He was over her house every day during this time, which I expressed not feeling comfortable with.

Diane said her daughter told her boyfriend, Tony, who was 17 at the time, to keep her mother company while she was gone for a couple of weeks.

I was a contractor working a lot of hours at the time.

I find this very frustrating and this is causing friction between my husband and myself as I constantly moan about it to him.

I have told my daughter that I find this very disrespectful of them just being in her room all the time, and what made me even more angry is that I overheard my daughter and husband talking and they were blaming my mood on menopause.

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She probably wants her boyfriend to be successful in his athletic pursuits, but she also wants him to stay close to her.

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