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Dating a saggitarius

He's built for endurance and might suggest active dates that keep the focus on physical stamina.An unattached Sadge guy often sees sex as another area of play and exploration.If you dive in with the secret hope that he'll commit at some point, you could be let down.In some ways, Sagittarius never really settles down and is better suited with an equally free-wheeling partner.While it’s good to keep things casual, you need to commit at some point. If you keep running away from the risk of heartbreak, you will end up losing relationships that could flourish into something strong.Or maybe not, but when you spot the right person, do something to keep them. Let’s take chances and shed that emotional wall that restricts you from fathoming a relationship to its depth. Moon Sign is a very significant Astrological Mark to know your future!

Be prepared for fast conversation shifts, as he does the tango with your mind.

The saving grace is that he's usually forthright about his desire to experience the terrain of many physical landscapes.

If he tells you he's not looking for anything serious, well, take his message to heart.

Sagittarius, you are so many personalities wrapped into one. Use some filter when you speak, control your Word Vomit and only churn out what’s needed.

You have an easy charm, dating you is not an exhausting experience because there are no high expectations.

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Don't be surprised if he expects the Full Monty on the first date.

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