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We're more like the crazy quilt that was popular in Victorian days.Made of odd-shaped patches of worn velvets, silks, corduroys and wools, the pieces are randomly stitched together, then richly embroidered.It was at times like these that the traditional "woven of whole cloth" families looked mighty enticing.Especially now, when it seemed we were in for another gut-wrenching upheaval.I resolved to get through this, if we must, and move on.I looked at my husband, Keith, and saw that this was as hard for him as it was for me.Rae Lynn sat next to her mother with her head down.

Her imagination had conjured up a hundred ways for her mother to ask forgiveness and beg to take her back.

I look at my oldest daughter and thank God for the miracle that brought her into our life.

Seeing our 6-foot-tall, 16-year-old son peering into the refrigerator, I'm reminded of the baby picture — clipped from a magazine and taped to a long-ago refrigerator as a commitment to pray for another child to adopt.

And when I look at Rae Lynn, I remember that God sometimes unexpectedly gives us the most wonderful gifts.

The real magic of a crazy quilt happens when the quilt maker embroiders the pieces.

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No matter how much pain it costs Me, My door is always open to you, is it not? " It reminded me once again what a challenge it is to have a patchwork family.

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