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Because modern homes us a number of energy-hungry appliances, a 200-amp panel is the minimum we’d suggest.

This size panel will adequately serve an average home and give room for some upgrades.

If you decide to tackle an electrical job, consult your local building department and get an electrical permit before starting work.

The inspections ensure the electrics in your home are working correctly and above all, safe.

This safety device prevents electric shock and in extreme cases prevents death.

Plugs installed in basements, garages, outdoors and bathrooms also require GFCI protection. Electric dryers require a 30-amp outlet protected by a 30-amp circuit breaker, while an electric oven mandates a 50-amp and 8-gauge wire protected by a 50-amp breaker. It’s important to size circuit breakers for the wire size they serve.

Both of us had pretty extensive experience before tackling these projects, and we studied up before moving forward.

And, on all these jobs, permits were pulled and our work was signed off by building inspectors.

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