Christia dating

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Christia dating

God doesn’t just let us sin and just get away with it, right. I think it’s helpful to go to 1 Timothy and to just see Paul’s breakdown there of “treat younger women as sisters, older women as mothers in absolute purity”.

And then the patriarchy movement came along with this idea that you needed to do courtship, that that was the right way to date. So, as Christians, I think we just need to kind of break it down and make it simple again.

God will tell them if a relationship is right, and God will end it if it's not.

All they have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride.

How should Christians approach dating in our culture today?

So, somehow between 1998 when I got married and today, all sorts of weird things have happened.

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Myth #1: "God has one woman picked out for you to marry.