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The DSDI varies from 1.14 to 1.55, which is almost identical to Sinornithosaurus (1.13-1.43), larger than dromaeosaurines (.81-1.18) and comparable to the low end of "velociraptorines" (1.19-2.33). Serrations are smaller than in most dromaeosaurids (4.5-8/mm compared to 2.5-2.8/mm in Dromaeosaurus, 2.4-2.6/mm in Utahraptor, 4-5/mm in Saurornitholestes, 3.2-3.6/mm in Deinonychus, 5/mm in Bambiraptor and Velociraptor; 3-3.6/mm in Achillobator) except for Sinornithosaurus and Microraptor, which have 7-14/mm and 8/mm respectively. Most of Sinornithosaurus' anterior teeth are unserrated (as is reported for Microraptor), except for a few serrations on the first one, as mentioned above. The tooth is said to be D-shaped, but dromaeosaurines are often said to exhibit this condition as well, though it is quite different from the tyrannosauroid morphology. Serrations have blunt rounded tips, unlike in "velociraptorine" and some anterior Sinornithosaurus teeth. Herbivorous adaptations of Late Triassic and Early Jurassic dinosaurs. Dromaeosaurines, Microraptor and most Sinornithosaurus teeth share this plesiomorphy with Nuthetes. Proceedings of the Dorset Natural History and Archaeology Society. Bonde (2012) thought three larger teeth (including BMNH R 1588) were probably congeneric with Dromaeosauroides, while Nuthetes itself could be a more generalized neotheropod.

They have been recently reidentified as solemydid turtle limb and tail(? Though most often viewed as a lizard or juvenile megalosauroid or carnosaur last century, Nuthetes was reidentified as a juvenile dromaeosaurid by Milner (1999, 2002).

I'm unaware of this occurring in any other theropod, as most lose their mesial serrations before their distal ones. Barrett, Clarke, Brinkman, Chapman and Ensom, 2002. Benson (2008) noted it differed from Stokesosaurus in having a strictly vertical median ridge and a blade with a lower profile, so referred it to Tyrannosauroidea indet.. A re-evaluation of the Dry Mesa Dinosaur Quarry sauropod fauna with a description of juvenile sauropod elements.

And indeed one can see in plate 1 (6, 10) that distal serrations extend to the base of the crown in at least some teeth. Morphology, histology and identification of the 'granicones' from the Purbeck Limestone Formation (Lower Cretaceous: Berriasian) of Dorset, southern England. The premaxilla UUVP 2999 originally referred to Stokesosaurus by Madsen (1974) was later referred to Tanycolagreus (Carpenter et al., 2005), but Benson feels it is more likely a ceratosaur.

Owen later (1879) identified Nuthetes as a crocodilian and referred additional teeth to the taxon, as well as dermal armor called granicones.

Nuthetes was first identified as a dinosaur by Lydekker (1888), and as a theropod by Zittel (1911), who placed it in the Coeluridae.

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Thus, I think Milner confused mesial and distal a few times in the text. Benson also referred the caudal vertebrae described by Brit (1991) and the braincase UUVP 2455 described by Chure and Madsen (1998) to Theropoda indet., though he noted the vertebrae do not differ significantly from those of S. Curtice and Wilhite (1996) noted that the middle caudal described by Britt (BYUVP 5103) had since been reassigned by Britt to Ceratosaurus. (2009) noted a furcula described by Chure and Madsen (1996) as Theropoda indet. On the presence of furculae in some non-maniraptoran theropods.

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