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Calgary speed dating htm

Up until this point in my life, I never had a hobby that I felt so passionate about and it felt so rewarding to enjoy something so much.Connecting with others all over the world motivated me to keep going during a time when I was very unhappy with my career.Coming up with healthy dishes that he enjoyed was a difficult task, but I was up for the challenge!I didn’t come from a food or photography background (nope, I barely knew how to cook a potato), so everything you see on this blog is a result of hard work and self-taught skill.It’s sold across North America, the UK, Australia, and more.[interview in The Writer Magazine] Let me rewind a bit and tell you about what was going on in my life the year I started my blog!2008 In 2008, I married my high-school sweetheart, Eric, and graduated with a Master’s degree in Social Psychology.

The Oh She Glows Cookbook is now printed in several different languages including English, Chinese, German, Slovak, and Spanish.My goal is to inspire you to embrace more plant-based foods in your diet without feeling the least bit deprived.And yes, my recipes are great for meat-eaters and picky kids too!The book also contains over 100 full-page, full-colour photographs shot by yours truly! On October 31st 2008, I started Oh She Glows to write about my recovery from an eating disorder, my journey to health, and the amazing transformation that food can make in our lives.Within the first few months of blogging my readership started to grow and before long I connected with women and men all over the world.

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I taught myself how to create recipes and then photograph my creations. In 2011, I was approached by an editor from a major publishing house and offered to write a cookbook.