Bret bielema dating erin andrews

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Bret bielema dating erin andrews

It backfired badly for Wisconsin the first time they ran it, and wasn't terribly effective the second.

That doesn't mean that there aren't issues that Pelini needs to start addressing. You could hit the jackpot and hire an Urban Meyer or Kevin Sumlin..history has shown that it's easier to make a bad hire than a good one.But calling for Pelini to be fired is sheer idiocy. And once you start firing coaches, it becomes easier and easier to do over and over and over again.Some probably did it last night out of frustration, and that's natural. And the churn is never good, because the program never gets a chance to recover unless a coach strikes gold right away.Grade: F LB: They were sucked inside to help out the defensive line on run support, and thus were AWOL when Wisconsin went wide.Sean Fisher seemed to play a little less horribly than the rest of the linebackers, FWIW. Not since the Cosgrove days have I seen such poor run support. Smith found himself on the bench, replaced by Courtney Osborne.

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Only a lunatic could call for Pelini's firing with a straight face today. When schools fire coaches who win like Pelini, you end up with coaches like Bill Callahan. That doesn't mean that the Nebraska football program is perfect right now.

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