Bluetack lists not updating

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Bluetack lists not updating

BLM has had one and that was because Blutack was changing over to the new servers. action=threads_search&f=87&q=pg2 – of course didn't block whirlpool – it's for P2P apps which have nothing to do with browsing whirlpool.Sheesh, Bluetack lists (and BLM) aren't just used for P2P apps you know, they are used to update a number of programs.An internet address for a blocklist file containing a list of IP addresses can be entered (Preferences - Peers) and configured to auto-update weekly.Blocklists can also be manually added into ~/Library/Application Support/Transmission.The internet address may be to a text file or compressed file.Most standard compression formats are supported, including ZIP.------------------------------in my Transmission 2.20 (11841) there is another folder the files must be put into:into ~/Library/Application Support/Transmission/blocklistsfor me:doing the URL method and using these URLS at this site URL method only overwrites each file that was currently in the /blocklist folder.(Assuming they keep bringing regular releases and fix bugs in a timely manner)...

Searching the threads and forums suggest disabling it, allowing http, updating, re-enabling etc... Anyone out there aware of this issue and advise a solution or has a new URL to direct the P2P list at?And the best thing about PG2 is that it isn't just a text file updater for P2P apps like BLM, it's a network tool that I can keep running even after shutting down my P2P app, which depending on your lists, can save you valuable bandwidth and protection from bad sites when browsing the web. PG2 blocked whirlpool about 5 years ago because of an over-zealous blocklist, as did Protowall (from the same people who brought you BLM) because they were using the same list produced by Bluetack.If BLM was around back then, then depending on the list it used, it would've blocked WP too.Its really one guy doing all the development work in a closed source manner, isn't it?I suspect Peer Block is going to be more successful in the long run.

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