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Of all the worries you may have, do not worry if the wedding is "legal" if you have a marriage license and marry within the time frame of the license (at least 72 hours after it was issued, but within 30 days).Still other couples will opt only for a religious/spiritual ceremony - or a non-religious personal commitment marriage ceremony - without a marriage license.Any person can make any personal commitment they wish to another person, and some same couples essentially create all the elements of a marriage by having a personal commitment (marriage) ceremony - only without a marriage license.Some will use a minister willing to officiate such a ceremony.

However, they do not want their wedding day with all the time, expense and travel wrecked because of a goof-up.

Almost no person authorized to officiate a wedding by virtue of being a government official will go on with the wedding if you lost or forgot the license - which can be an unimaginable disaster for a big wedding.

Many ministers will still do the ceremony - but it will not be recognized by the state unless the couple obtains a marriage license later, states they still want to be married and the minister signs it.

Others will make such ceremony themselves or use a friend to "officiate" the ceremony.

If the goal is to make the relationship "legal" in a marriage like sense - meaning community property - the couple will simply enter into a written contract stating an agreement to joint ownership of property or some other property division.

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For thousands of years and to this date many religions and ministers believe marriage is a contract the couple makes only to each other and before God.

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