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Australian dating show taken out

Mostly though we want you to be part of ANCATS ANCATS is the first and only national cat registery, and is affiliated with the World Cat Federation.ANCATS maintaining National Breed Standards, prefix register online, judges training program and breed committee We are particularly proud of our national junior handlers program.

A philosophy Australian National Cats passionately subscribes too.

image by au The Turkish Angora is an ancient naturally occurring cat thought to originate from the mountainous regions of Turkey.

The Turkish Angora was widely used in Persian breeding programs and was nearly lost as a pure breed until controlled breeding programs were introduced into Turkey. Somali (Abyssinian Longhair) The name is fanciful as the breed was developed in the USA by the retention of longhaired kittens produced by the Abyssinian.

ANCATS Shows are great to watch or even be part of " its fun, social and rewarding all at the same time." You can be a member just to be informed or you can enter your PEDIGREE OR DOMESTIC cat in ANCATS shows.

Let your passion and pride lead you to a successful experience with us.

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The Thai is intended to be both the living equivalent of the original “Wichien-maat” of ancient Siam and the “marten-faced” Siamese of early 20th century America and Europe the Thai is a medium-large pointed cat of foreign type reflecting its Thai origins.

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