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Excavations in Chinese Buddhist countries—namely, the small states of the Takla Makan, especially Khotan (Ho-t’ien) and the kingdoms of ancient northwestern India (modern Gilgit, Kashmir, and Kullu) and Nepal.

Scripts of Indian origin were in use in these countries, so the Tibetans also adapted an Indian script to suit their own very different language.

As used here, the term denotes only those traditions that were not influenced by the religion of Islām.

The official Tibetan Buddhist canon was closed in the 13th century; it consisted of two parts, the ); and from the 13th century onward, under the impetus given by the prolixity of religious houses and orders, there were produced such lengthy and numerous collections of historical and biographical works, treatises and commentaries, and liturgy and religious drama that Tibetan literature must be one of the most extensive in the world.

Just as in the European Middle Ages there was little secular literature worth the name, so there is none in Tibetan except for a great epic ( “The Great Deeds of King Gesar, Destroyer of Enemies”) that recounts the exploits of the king and magic hero Gesar.

This form of printing continued until the Chinese invasion in 1959.

Manuscripts and block-printed books are always of elongated shape, thus imitating the form of ancient Indian palm-leaf manuscripts.

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