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Are chanel west coast and drama dating

The top notes contain bergamot, mandarin and pink pepper. It is available as 35, 50 and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

The heart is composed of jasmine, rose, iris, candied fruits and vetiver followed by the base notes of French vanilla, amber, patchouli and frankincense. Allure Sensuelle is my second favorite Chanel fragrance (next to Coromandel)!

It smells less pink and creamy than Coco Mademoiselle. The notes most apparent to me are patchouli, vetiver, pink pepper with some hints of fruit and jasmine.

Where Coco Mademoiselle is the 20-24 year old pretty young woman, strong but lovely at the same time and above all kind to everyone, I would say Allure Sensuelle better suits the same woman when she reaches her mid-twenties, is making progress in her career and is taking her own steps in the world with modesty, charm and confidence. The intensity of these notes create an almost menthol/acidic smell and it really is so entrancing and alluring. When I first bought this i applied three large sprays to myself, big mistake!

I'm afraid it came out too late to achieve huge success, but I still appreciate what a great piece it is and am happy to add it to my curated collection. I prefer the classic Chanel apothecary bottles, but I make exception for this luxe, chic gold-and-purple bottle. I love the bergamot/labdaum/lavender combo.adds earthiness. Now she's uhmmmmm.....shame Chanel, I mean, really now!

Longevity and sillage of the fragrance are quite good, too. She smells the same but her soul has been sold....there are these missing links which were previously orchestra..harmony with each other, you could not single out one single note because it blended so flawlessly.

The headache-inducing note is slowly being accepted in my system (thank heavens! I am currently wearing this these days so that the person I like can remember me with this smell, and, I, too, could associate our memories (in my class) with this fragrance.

I have both bottles, and each of them has its own persona. Now, reusing it before deciding against giving it away, I have decided that I do rather enjoy this sweet patchouli and dry rose fragrance.

More like a "add to the collection" not a must have! There are nice dry spices and a woody patchouli (nothing to remind you of a headshop, mind you) and a base of faint apricot and vanilla.

This is much dryer and airier than I had imagined, and certainly far more casual. 3/10 for me I liked it when I tried it in the store and it sounded good on paper so I bought it, but boy do I regret this purchase!

To me after spraying it it smelled just like someone mentioned - very old ladyish. Buy any of these instead: Tresor Samsara Magnifique Dior Dolce Vita Dior Addict Eau Delice YSL Elle Sensuous Estee Lauder Amarige Givenchy Organza Givenchy Mon Exclusif Tuscany Per Donna If you can get past some intense openings, these warm up and develop into masterpieces far exceeding that of Chanel fly sprays. Nothing to cry home about but not a terrible scent either.

It got better after a dry down - I can get vanilla, minty bits from patchouli as well as powdery notes and hints of pink pepper. If you are into street level ng on your face scents, then this is not it.

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The vanilla keeps it grounded, keeps it from flying in your face. This was one of the first fragrances I believed to be superior to her original..was strong, poised, provocative, refined and intoxicating...people would know when you're around..drama, the mystique and suspense...oh!