Are calleigh and delko dating

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Are calleigh and delko dating

"Eric…""I know, I know," he said, running his hand over his head and neck in frustration. When he'd stopping shooting, Eric turned slightly to look at her, a puzzled look on his face."Your stance is wrong.You're not leaning into the target as you should and spacing your legs the same distance as your shoulders for better support and stability." Calleigh approached him from behind and placed her hands on his hips, one leg situated between his. In a second, all his hard won concentration went right out the window and he stood dumbfounded, every nerve ending focused on the thin strip of skin bared by his shirt which was currently being touched by fingertips.Although the sound was loud, due to the ear cuffs, it was muffled and so the snap of the hammer striking the center-fire brass did not register as intensely. One of the top three places she could ever want to be.

The kiss at first was slow, sweet, a gentle meeting of flesh, reacquainting themselves as they hadn't seen each other much this day, but soon, as Eric was inclined to do (and Calleigh wasn't going to stop him) the kiss deepened.They'd barely kissed, but six months of Eric had her body reaching for and reacting to his. An utterly wicked and un-Calleigh-like thought entered her mind and before she could change her mind, Calleigh walked back to the entrance of the range and engaged the deadbolt.Sauntered back to where Eric was almost finished with the second clip and gearing up for the third. Close enough that Eric could feel her presence, pick up the heat from her body, all of five inches from his back.Calleigh watched his technique for a few more minutes, but got sidetracked by his physique. Her eyes lingered there for a few precious seconds before continuing down to the soft, well-worn and loved faded jeans that hugged the muscles in his legs. Muscled as they were, Eric had rolled up the sleeves of his shirt so his bronze skin and lower arms were on display.Calleigh felt a rush of warmth flood her lower body and a flush rose to her cheeks at how easily Eric had aroused her.

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I'm still working on Waking Dreams, but I wanted to give you guys a treat. A sharp clap of sound, similar to thunder, reverberated and bounced off the walls in the firing range.

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