Anonymous sex chat with men

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Anonymous sex chat with men

I had enough time to remove my own shirt before his muscle-bound body fell between my legs. My eyes closed and I savoured the moment: his breath was soft against my cheek, his big hands ruffling my hair.

Then the true incentive for our encounter became apparent.

Not sweetly, like a boyfriend, but with a look of desire burning in his eyes - maybe even a snarl.

He had recently broken up with his long term girlfriend, and was probably on the hunt for another.He reached into his bedside table to take out a packet of lube, which he ripped viciously with his teeth.Squeezing some onto his fingers, he discarded it and rubbed his engorged member with his wet hand.People around barely paid any attention: if anything, most of the attention was focused on his slag sister getting off with guy after guy. We could barely stay upright without swaying, and by the looks of it, the majority of the partygoers were in similar conditions. Then he grabbed my arm, and pulled me towards the stairs.It was a bit of drunken fun, but we both knew we wanted more. "I hear your girlfriend left you for a woman." He started giggling. "Maybe I got it the wrong way around," I replied, winking. We avoided the puddle of puke on the landing, ignored the intense groans coming from his sister's bedroom and continued up to the top storey, where his bedroom was.

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I continued to take sharp intakes of breath, usually coinciding with the thrusts of his hand Quite quickly, his lust overtook him.

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