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However, it is highly likely that the word "carnival" derives from the Latin carnem levare, because originally the expression indicated the banquet that was held the day before the start of the meat fasting, or Lent.In fact, in the Roman Catholic liturgical calendar, the Carnival takes place between the day of Epiphany (January 6th) and Lent.Scott Disick has been tamed by a woman close to half his age. Scott turned 35 Saturday and he spent it with 19-year-old gf Sofia Richie on St. For her part, Sofia is in hook, line and sinker, telling the world, "Happy Birthday babe! Love you." The 2 have been together now for a year and word is they've gotten super serious. Established by the Venetian oligarchy to offer the public a period of time for entertainment and festivities, its dominant feature was the masquerade, serving as a brief anulment of social class, gender or religion.Nowadays, the Carnival of Venice is a charming folk festival and a unique event for its history, atmosphere and masks.During the two weeks of Carnival in this lagoon city, you can experious numerous parades, displays and events of all kinds.

Moreover, it is important to notice that in the three days when the traditional parade is held, many floats, folk dancers, musicians and bands - not only from different Italian regions but also from other European countries - take part in the event. The cities celebrating the occasion fill up with masks and confetti, lights and colors that create a unique and festive atmosphere.The origins of Carnival are ancient and date back to the Roman Saturnalia, which were celebrated in honor of the new year, in addition to the Lupercalia and the Dionysian celebrations.The main features that have characterized the event through the ages are undoubtedly the typical floats parading along the promenade in Viareggio.On these floats, huge burlesque papier-mâché masks - predominantly caricatures of the big names in the political, cultural and showbiz world - are broadcast to the masses with grand triumph.

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Year after year, extraordinary floats boasting increasingly sophisticated movements and spectacular effects show off the outstanding artistic skills of Italian craftsmen merged with new technologies.