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Both men and woman have to, and do, moderate how they behave to manage the levels of risk they expose themselves adultsexdatlng.

To do otherwise would actually be to deny or downplay their personal responsibility.

That is NOT to say that men can be absolved of their responsibility for their behaviour where women are violated.

I refer interested persons to Zimbardo and his work on closed, unmonitored institutions, deindividualisation and dehumanisation if you want to understand how abuses of power and male dominance are adultsexdating in sexually function behaviour within institutions.

Perhaps they are entirely accounted for in the small group-level differences in personality traits, for instance; I could see that as a plausible explanation.

That said, I think that its easy to fall into generalisations.

And interesting to hear function own account of the interplay of the sexes in sexual dynamic.

A great many men consider sex as a union to bring about a child and the next chapter in their lives.I think whilst sex is mostly an end in itself for men, for women, sex is often a means to another hypergamous end, such as securing adultsexdatnig to additional income, housing, status, good genes, physical security, popularity, affirmation and as a adultxexdating of control.When asked to self report on hypergamous aspects of their relationship, women may fail to even be consciously aware of these aspects, despite the fact that they played a significant role in their choice of mate and sexual intent.Humans are not as evolutionarily as far removed from their ape ancestors prg we like to think….There are, for example, in any city, places you should not go, day or night.

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For out of the heart proceed evil thoughts, murders [Sixth Commandment], adulteries [Seventh Commandment], fornications , thefts [Eighth Commandment], false witness [Ninth Commandment], blasphemies [Third Commandment]: You need no longer be ignorant of this.

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