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Find out the tools he used and the information he uncovered that could help prevent this type of scam from happening to someone else.

Dr Phil: Internet Romance Wiring Money Overseas & Pig Busters Scams A Marine fell in love on the Internet but was separated from his girlfriend while deployed overseas.

In the latter, hackers breached a high-level executive’s email and sent fake requests asking for money to other employees.

The EFCC found evidence that “Mike” was also involved in “romance scams,” in which hackers would elicit funds from victims using online profiles on dating sites and social media.

She was ferocious in pursuing the money and was fortunate in that the bank involved in the transfer was compliant.NEWS BRIEF The 40-year-old Nigerian man behind one of the world’s most well-known online scams has been arrested in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, Interpol said Monday.The arrest, made through a joint-operation between Interpol and the Nigerian Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC), marks the end of a fraud network worth upwards of million, Interpol said in a statement.He gave her an easy out if she was ready to drop the ruse. Dr Phil: Social Media Scams & Online Dating Relationship Fraud Dr Phil’s producers shared an update on this show: what happened after the show, when Craig was set to meet his online girlfriend in person for the first time?Plus, get Dr Phil’s final words of advice for dating on the internet.

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When they reconnected, they got engaged on Facebook, even though they have never met in person before. Dr Phil: Marine Online Dating Facebook Engagement To Scam Artist?